Table 1: Major obstacles to effective business management decision making.



Technological (D1)










Infrastructure costs (F1)

Lack of proficient and stable devices (F2)

Maintenance costs (F3)

Data integration (F4)

Lack of certainty to the migration process (F5)

Customization (F6)

Security and privacy (F7)

Maintenance services (F8)

Lack of communication with other systems (F9)

Compatibility with other systems (F10)

Organizational (D2)








Change in strategic objectives (F11)

Change in healthcare management (F12)

Near real-time availability (F13)

Inter-departmental coordination (F14)

Realized value (F15)

Training costs (F16)

Proficiency (F17)

Users’ knowledge (F18)

Environmental (D3)




The high cost of internet subscription (F19)

Lack of access to international software (F20)

Problems with preparing software licenses (F21)

Poor hardware support (F22)