Reviewer Guidelines

  • Why Review Process?

    To ensure the originality and validity of the content peer review processing is conducted.

  • The Keynotes before you consider accepting to review

    The important criteria you must notice is the level of review you may able to complete and provide a justified review within the deadline or not.

  • Provide Step by Step Reviews

    Investigate the originality and validity of the content.

    Check for the quality of Language and Grammar since it is the foundation to understand the content.

    Indicate both the strength and weakness of the manuscript. This will allow author understand the Pros and Cons of his work.

    Suggest the guidelines to overcome the major flaws of the manuscript.

  • Make the final recommendation

    Accept/ Minor Revision/Major Revision/ Reject

    Please provide valid reasons to justify the recommendation.

  • Maintain Confidentiality

    Content must be confidential and not misused.

  • Provide unbiased review

    Never provide biased review as it will affect the quality of the enhancement of the manuscript.

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