Peer Review Process

The VIBGYOR ePress peer reviews all the manuscript it receives. We tend to provide priority to experts in choosing their choice of articles that may facilitate in reviewing the articles falling under their field of interests. We aim to achieve a primary call on all manuscripts within 3 weeks of submission. All manuscripts submitted to VIBGYOR journals undergo single blind peer review. Manuscripts submitted to the Journal are evaluated on the basis of scientific quality, originality, appropriateness and contribution to the field. Once the manuscripts are recommended for the revision they are notified for authors for the necessary changes.

Experts review each change thoroughly and screen the revision to enhance and assure the manuscript is flawless and eligible for further Publication. At this stage the manuscript is ensured to have attained the standards to be published in an Journal.

Peer review processing ensures the following benefits

For Authors: It helps in identifying the strength and the weakness of their work. It provides a step to step guide to improvise their mistakes making the manuscript more scientific and validate.

For Editors: It enhances their decision making process as well as allow them learn the progress in the field. It helps them to identify errors thus allowing them to choose the papers of highest quality to keep the Journal reputation up.

For Readers: It screens the mistakes and allows the readers to read an improvised version and thus peer review is considered to act as a mechanism to help precise what they read.

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