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Featured Articles
Evaluation of Plastic Deformation in Steels with Magnetic and Acoustic Techniques

International Journal of Magnetics and Electromagnetism

ISSN: 2631-5068

DOI: 10.35840/2631-5068/6524

Construction and Biological Performance of Porous Titanium Surface Nanotube Arrays

International Journal of Magnetics and Electromagnetism

ISSN: 2631-5068

DOI: 10.35840/2631-5068/6524

Test Rig Design and Preliminarily Assessment for a Transradial Socket

International Journal of Magnetics and Electromagnetism

ISSN: 2631-5068

DOI: 10.35840/2631-5068/6524

Geoelectrical Parameters for the Estimation of Groundwater Potential in Fracture Aquifer at Sub- Urban Area of Abakaliki, SE Nigeria

International Journal of Magnetics and Electromagnetism

ISSN: 2631-5068

DOI: 10.35840/2631-5068/6524

Diabetes Chronicle Wound Analysis Using Terahertz Time Domain Spectroscopy and Imaging Technology

International Journal of Magnetics and Electromagnetism

ISSN: 2631-5068

DOI: 10.35840/2631-5068/6524

Trim Analysis of Box Wing Aircraft

International Journal of Magnetics and Electromagnetism

ISSN: 2631-5068

DOI: 10.35840/2631-5068/6524

Latest Articles

A Two-Link Robot Manipulator: Simulation and Control Design

In this paper, we design a robust, fast, and practical proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controller for the classical double pendulum system. We first derive the equations

Spin in a Standing Electromagnetic Wave

It is indicated that there are currently two mutually exclusive concepts of electrodynamics spin. The classical expression for the spin tensor has been modified

Modeling Fusion Welds: A Multi-Scale Submodeling Approach

The technological properties of fusion welds are formed due to the simultaneous effects of different physical phenomena which occur on different length scales. In

Weak Value Amplification of Spin-Angular Momentum Expectation Values using the HS1 Radio-Frequency Pulse

We have used Weak Values, as Computed from Weak Measurements of Aharonov, et al. to Achieve High Incidents of Amplification of Expectation Values for

Time-Lapse Gravity Monitoring of Groundwater of the Sinai Peninsula

The Middle East is suffering from water scarcity in the arid/semiarid settings. The recent advance of technologies in the geophysical fields made groundwater monitoring

Sigurd Ore-Mineralization in West-Spitsbergen Island, Svalbard Archipelago

One of the largest silver-copper mineralization of the Mount Sigurdfjellet in Western Spitsbergen Island of the archipelago was discovered in 1990 by Russian geologists.

Euler Deconvolution and Two-Dimensional Modeling of Subsurface Structures over Part of Northern Bida Basin and its Surrounding Basement Rocks, Northwest, Nigeria Using Magnetic Method

Euler deconvolution and two-dimensional modeling over part of Northern Bida Basin and its surrounding basement rocks, using aeromagnetic data was carried out in this

Predicting Total Number of Deaths using COVID-19 World Data: Application of Linear Regression Model

Coronavirus Disease 19 (COVID-19) is a new deadly disease which made its appearance at the end of 2019 in China and it quickly spread

The Architecture of Rotating Machines Condition-Monitoring Using Model-Based System Engineering Approach

Digital technologies have the potential to achieve a breakthrough in productivity performance affecting the whole supply chain in the mining industry. The productivity cannot improve

Applications of OHAM and MOHAM for Time- Fractional Klein-Fock-Gordon Equation

In this paper the optimal homotopy asymptotic method (OHAM) and multistage optimal homotopy asymptotic method (MOHAM) are applied to obtain an analytic approximate solution to a

Polymers and TiO2 Based Nanocharges for Bio-Based Composites with Improved Flame Retardancy and Thermal Degradation

The main objective of this work concerns the development of new eco-friendly composites based on biobased polymers for flame retardancy. Biobased cotton were employed as

Experimental Verification and Application of Computational Thermodynamic, Kinetic, and Solidification Modeling to Gas Atomized Al Powder

In the majority of powder consolidation techniques, powder properties are disregarded due to particle melting during processing. In the solid-state cold spray process, however, powder particles

Microstructure and Properties of Tungsten Rhenium Alloy Prepared by Laser Sintering

Tungsten alloy with addition of rhenium and tantalum was prepared by laser sintering. Microstructure and properties of the samples were tested by optical microscope, X-ray diffractometer

A Review of Active Magnetic Bearings Supported Systems Optimization Design

Active magnetic bearings (AMBs) have attracted a lot of attention due to their various advantages from its noncontact and actively controlled features. The challenges of

Three-Dimensional Proximity Sensing with Simple Circuit Made of General-Purpose Electronic Components

A simple method for three-dimensional proximity sensing with an electronic circuit composed of only general-purpose electronic components is presented. Three detection electrodes are triangularly arranged at

High-Gain Multi-Layer Antenna Using Metasurface for Application in Terahertz Communication Systems

In this paper, a novel high-gain multi-layer antenna is designed for use in terahertz communication systems. The frequency range covered by this antenna is 8-13

Recovery of Nitric Acid from Effluents Containing Free Nitric Acid by Solvent Extraction

Chemical and metallurgical industries produce as well as discharge a huge quantity of effluents containing free nitric acid along with different metal nitrates to the

Utilization of Aluminon for Determination of Ultra-trace Levels of Copper in Environmental, Biological, and Water Samples via Cloud Point Extraction Coupled with Spectrophotometry

The present paper outlines novel, simple and sensitive method for the determination of copper using spectrophotometry after separation and preconcentration by cloud point extraction. The cloud

Insight into Genaveh 11-29 Runway Geometric Redesign Based on Meteorological Synoptic Data

Wind information can provide an optimal estimate of the runway orientation by minimizing the crosswind component of the wind at airports, which severely affect aircraft

Random Coin Recognition and Robotic Pickand- Place

Bin-picking of random parts is an important application problem in robotic automation systems, especially coins which act as two-dimensional objects used in daily commercial routines.

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