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Featured Articles
Evaluation of Plastic Deformation in Steels with Magnetic and Acoustic Techniques

International Journal of Magnetics and Electromagnetism

ISSN: 2631-5068

DOI: 10.35840/2631-5068/6524

Construction and Biological Performance of Porous Titanium Surface Nanotube Arrays

International Journal of Metallurgy and Metal Physics

ISSN: 2631-5076

DOI: 10.35840/2631-5076/9243

Test Rig Design and Preliminarily Assessment for a Transradial Socket

International Journal of Robotic Engineering

ISSN: 2631-5106

DOI: 10.35840/2631-5106/4120

Geoelectrical Parameters for the Estimation of Groundwater Potential in Fracture Aquifer at Sub- Urban Area of Abakaliki, SE Nigeria

International Journal of Earth Science and Geophysics

ISSN: 2631-5033

DOI: 10.35840/2631-5033/1831

Diabetes Chronicle Wound Analysis Using Terahertz Time Domain Spectroscopy and Imaging Technology

International Journal of Optics and Photonic Engineering

ISSN: 2631-5092

DOI: 10.35840/2631-5092/4521

Trim Analysis of Box Wing Aircraft

International Journal of Astronautics and Aeronautical Engineering

ISSN: 2631-5009

DOI: 10.35840/2631-5009/7530

Latest Articles

Optimal Design of Biped Amble Mechanism using Matlab

From past decades, the different types of mechanisms in mobile robots have been created so far which includes legged, treaded-tyre and wheeled type

Optical Alignments and Error Analysis of the Stress Measurement Technique Based on Photoelastic Modulator (PEM)

A sensitive method for measuring the magnitude and angle of the fast axis of low level linear birefringence in optical materials has been

Circular, Plane-Directional Radiation from the Edges of Light-Excited Layer of a Laser Dye Solution with the Regular Geometric Form

Homogeneous light excitation of the Rhodamine 6G laser dye alcohol solution layer of rectangular and circular geometric form by the second harmonic of

Magnetic Monopole Interaction with a Magnetic Sphere

By considering the Maxwell-Maxwell (MM) framework, exact results for the scalar magnetostatic potentials in the regions exterior and interior to the magnetic

Rank Change Probability Distribution in Mixed Model Production/Assembly Lines and Impact

Modern mixed-model production/assembly lines contain several inspection stations and the quality control tests made at such stations may lead to sending the tested

"Goldberg Validations": Refractometric Protein Concentration Calibration of Pooled Source Plasma and Validation of Clinical Serum Protein Refractometers

Digital protein refractometry is a convenient and resource-saving (“green”) method for measuring protein concentrations of biological fluids with complex composition. Conflicting historical data for the

POD-Galerkin Based Reduced Order Modelling for Flow-Structure Interactions

Fluid-structure interactions, especially full rotor simulations for wind turbines, are still computationally inefficient. Although the Proper Orthogonal Decomposition (POD) - Galerkin based Reduced Order Modelling (ROM)

Litho-Structural Analysis of the Sara-Fier Ring Complex, Northcentral Nigeria

The Sara-Fier igneous Complex is an excellent example of high level, anorogenic granite suites of North-central Nigeria. It is part of the larger Younger granite

Design and Construction of Home-Made Spin Coater for OLED Production

This study devotes to the design and fabrication of a spin coating equipment using locally available materials for the deposition of uniform thin films on

Study on Vibrational-Gamma Soft Properties in 124Te Nucleus

The study of tellurium isotopes is very important for nuclear physicist during the last two decades. The tellurium isotope with 72 numbers of neutrons is very much

A Simplified Method for the Determination of Omega-6/Omega-3 Ratios in Red Blood Cells from Human Whole Blood

Studies have shown that the ratio of n-6:n-3 fatty acids in red cell membranes provides an objective biomarker of the relative intakes of

Design of Chebyshev Bandpass Waveguide Filter for E-band Based on CSRR Metamaterial

A new design of bandpass waveguide filter with Chebyshev response which operates in the E-band for downlink channel [71 GHz-76 GHz] at

Sedimentation Rate Estimation and Tracing Organic Carbon and Nutrients Sources in Sediment of Ha Long Bay (Vietnam)

Sedimentation rate (SR) and sources of organic carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus nutrients in sediment of the Ha Long Bay (Vietnam) were estimated

Performance Parameter Analysis of Thermoelectric Generators for Power Generation System from the Scramjet Cooling Heat

Thermoelectric generator (TEG) for power generation system is proposed for energy recovery. The heat from cooling scramjet would be converted to electric energy.

Energy and Exergy Analysis of a Closed Brayton Cycle for Power Generation from the Scramjet Cooling Heat

The scramjet for cooling and heat recovery has been an issue in hypersonic vehicle. A Closed Brayton Cycle (CBC) for power generation system from the

An Aircraft Interior Change to Improve the Passenger Safety Perception

In fact, the aircraft interior is rather safe with respect to viral safety. However, the perception of passengers is different. Passengers might be afraid of

Near Surface Characterization by Seismic Surface Wave Inversion

Surface waves are usually treated as unwanted coherent noise and steps are taken to remove them using geophone receiver arrays during seismic survey acquisition. During

Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell (DSSC) Applications based on Cyano Functional Small Molecules Dyes

This work focused on synthesizing of the electro active two small molecules ((2E)-2-Cyano- 3-[4'-(2,5-di-2 thienyl-1H-pyrrol-1-yl) biphenyl-4-yl] acrylic acid (MC-20) (2E) -2-Cyano-3-5-[4- (2,5-di-2-thienyl-1H pyrrol-1 yl) phenyl] -2-thienyl

Experimental Measurements of Attenuation and Recovery within Single Mode Optical Fiber Cables under the Effects of Gamma Radiation

Efficient transmission of data within optical fiber cables within radiation environments is a challenge. It leads to severe attenuations in the optical fiber cables. This

A Scheme of Instantaneous Frequency Measurement with High Precision Assisted by Photonics

In modern complex battlefield environment, it is important to obtain the frequency spectrum precisely. We propose an operational method of instantaneous frequency measurement (IFM) assisted by

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