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Continuous Mesh Belt Furnace for Iron Powder Metallurgy

The sintering process consists to heat the compacting green parts with a lubricant (wax, stearate) in a continuous furnace like mesh belt or walking

Electric Wave Equation Derived from Weber's Electrodynamics

Weber's electrodynamics, as an alternative to Maxwell-Lorentz electromagnetism, has maintained continual attention among the physics community. Recently it got some exiting advancements both experimentally

Micromagnetic Modelling of Hysteresis in Permalloy Thin Films with Non-Magnetic Defects

In this paper, we present the results of numerical micromagnetic modelling of the domain wall pinning on non-magnetic defects in a ferromagnetic thin sheet

Non-Holonomic Path Planning for Space Robots Based on Jerk Constraints

In order to solve the problems of poor stability and low joint life of space robots, this paper proposes a non-holonomic path planning model

Lower and Upper Bound for the Pull-in Parameters of a Micro- or Nanocantilever Beam Immersed in Liquid Electrolytes

An analytical method is proposed to accurately estimate the pull-in parameters of a micro- or nanocantilever beam immersed in liquid electrolytes with a flexible

Facile Synthesis of Oleic Acid Capped Iron Oxide Nanoparticles as a Hyperthermic Agent for Cancer Cells Lysis

The magnetic and thermal properties of iron oxide nanoparticles provide dual advantages as therapeutic and diagnostic agents. Hyperthermia induced by magnetic nanoparticles has emerged

Application of Remote Sensing for the Mapping of Geomorphological Accidents of Mount Cameroon: Vectorization of the Probable Lava Flows Trajectories

Natural hazards are common destructive phenomena that are preventable. Mount Cameroon, an active volcano on the Cameroon Volcanic Line, has emitted innumerable

Phase Control of Electromagnetic Wave by Double-Periodic Quasi Crystal Consisting of Nanoscale Semiconductor and Fullerene Layers

This article studies the phase change of electromagnetic waves propagating in a quasi-periodic photonic crystal composed of fullerene and germanium nanolayers at

Sedimentology, Sequence Stratigraphy and Paleoclimate Implications of the Upper Cretaceous-Lower Paleocene of the Haria Formation from Gafsa Basin Southern Tunisia

Facies analysis and sequence stratigraphic interpretation of the Upper Cretaceous-lower Paleocene succession cropping out in the Gafsa Basin provide new information on sediment cyclicity

Groundwater Exploration in Michika Local Government Area of Adamawa State using Resistivity Method

A geophysical investigation involving the electrical resistivity method using Schlumberger electrode array was conducted around some selected residential areas of Michika local government, a

Biometrology: The Relationship between Biotechnology and Metrology, its Historical Background and its Applications

This review aims to bring the readers closer to the scientific background on the measurements science and introduce them to a new

Stability Analysis in Rotational Systems Using the Tumbling Coefficient

The goal of this work is the investigation of the necessary conditions for the existence of tumbling in rotational motion of rigid bodies. For

Autonomous Reduced Gyro Platform Drift Identifier

The article considers a method of leaning the asymptomatic identifier (observation) of the drift-gyro platform with the minimum order using the internal generalized measurement

Synthesis of Optimal Control Laws for Air Missile using Gas Rudder

Air missile using gas rudder to work quickly change the direction of the missile. However, to control the missile optimally, we need to synthesize

The Physical Origin of Quantum Correlations for Polarized Photons

Polarization-based photonic quantum correlations can be traced back to the overlap of the polarization Stokes vectors on the Poincaré sphere between two polarization filters.

Electron-Photon Interactions in Atomic Hydrogen: Significance of High (near zero) Energy States

Orbital energies for the hydrogen atom are computed to elucidate kinetic and potential energy relative contributions to total energy. Formula from the Bohr quantum

Structural Dynamics of Light Propagation

An analysis of the properties of light produced by sources in motion helps elucidate the mechanism of light transmission through space. Photons, as massless

Highly Integrated Polarization Beam Splitter Based on Sin-LNOI Rib Waveguide

We propose a multimode interference (MMI)-based polarization beam splitter (PBS) in X-cut lithium niobate on insulator (LNOI). The device utilizes the high birefringence of

Functional Materials for Solar Thermophotovoltaic Devices in Energy Conversion Applications: A Mini-Review

In recent years, the demand for energy that caters for the socio-economic needs on Earth has led to the use of fossil fuels which

A Discussion on the Phase I Screening Robust Estimation Method for Normal Samples

The screening robust estimation method for Phase I analysis is reviewed. Special attention is devoted to the exponentially weighted moving averages (EWMA) chart that

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